About Our Functional Medicine in Redmond, WA

Environmental Medicine

David Buscher, M.D. provides some of the most efficient functional medicine in Redmond, WA, by focusing on environmental medicine. Environmental Medicine represents a sweeping reinterpretation of medical thinking, especially in its approach to many previously unexplained and ineffectively treated chronic diseases. The basis of this view is the simple concept that there are causes for all illnesses.  The obvious, but not well recognized fact is that what we eat or are exposed to in our environment has a direct and profound impact upon our health.

The causes of many health problems are often unrecognized by patients and doctors. The goal of environmental medicine is to help identify the cause of health problems and eliminate or reduce the level of exposure. This is our area of expertise. We aren't merely about treating symptoms. We want to find the cause. Be sure to ask about our group therapy to encourage mental health as well.

Cardiovascular Disease

External Enhanced Counterpulsation (EECP)-the best kept secret in medicine.

EECP is the only FDA approved non-invasive treatment for angina, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. EECP is proven to be as effective as angioplasty, stents and bypass surgery. Our clinic is one of the few places in the Northwest where you can get this safe non-invasive outpatient treatment. Stuidies are showing that EECP is getting as good and in some cases better results than more invasive treatments.