Office Information

First Visit to the Clinic

Your first visit involves a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Buscher.  This normally takes about 1 1/2 hours, which includes taking a detailed history about your health and symptoms.  You are encouraged to bring a list of your symptoms and health concerns or any questions you might have during this visit.

During this visit Dr. Buscher will suggest appropriate tests to further evaluate your condition, as well as, treatment options.  You are welcome to bring a recorder and record any part of this or any other office visit.  After you finish your evaluation you will spend additional time with staff members arranging lab and/or allergy testing.  Plan on spending approximately 2 hours at the clinic.

You will need make up a follow-up office visit to discuss test results with Dr. Buscher 2-4 weeks later depending on what tests were ordered.

Directions to the Clinic

From Hwy I-405 (either North or South) merge onto WA-520 heading East. Take the Redmond Way exit and turn left at the intersection. Follow Redmond Way and turn right at 166th Ave NE. We are located in the Kempf Building on the left side of the street. Parking is available in the front and we are located on the ground floor in Suite 101.