Molly Jensen's Practice

Molly Jensen, M.Ed., M.S., M.BS., M.S.MFT, MedFT

My practice is basically about restoring broken hurting hearts and reconciling relationships.

Educational preparation in counseling includes:

My therapeutic orientation is derived primarily from, Client-Centered Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy, particularly Structural Family Therapy and Family of Origin Therapy. I have been trained in and exposed to several other orientations to counseling, and use therapeutic techniques from most of them in treatment. Additionally, I have completed the Elijah House Counselor Training Program through the Elijah House in Spokane, WA. The Elijah House training is based on assisting the client in doing work in the area of forgiveness and getting to root issues through prayer.

Medical Family Therapy is based upon seeing the individual client, couple, or family in a biomedical, psychosocial, spiritual manner. Taking into consideration the many ways a person's life can be impacted and not compartmentalizing each of these areas, but rather integrating all of it to see the whole person, or family. It may, upon approval from the client (s), if applicable, involve collaboration with a medical or mental health provider to bring the best care possible.

Client-Centered Therapy is based on the belief that people have within themselves the potential and resources to cope with life's problems. In this approach, the counselor helps the client discover and explore alternative ways of thinking and feeling about her/himself, and to experiment with new behaviors in a highly supportive atmosphere. Whether or not counseling is successful may depend on a number of factors such as willingness to change the nature of the desired change, the level of trust between the client and counselor, and outside influences.

Family Systems Therapy operates from the assumption that how people think, feel, and behave is largely dependent upon their role or position in their family system and how that system maintains its structure. In this approach, the counselor brings to light the habitual patterns of interaction that are sources of difficulty for the individual, couples, or family and assists them in developing other ways of being that might be more useful to them in achieving their goals. The role of the therapist can be likened to that of a coach, one who challenges old behaviors and ideas and provides an environment in which risks can be more safely taken.

Each course of treatment is unique to those who participate in it, and thus your counseling will be a blend of what you and I do together. I am responsible for developing and implementing a course of treatment that will most effectively deal with your issues. You are responsible for your decisions and for changing. This means that you must work on issues both inside and outside our counseling sessions. People and situations are complex. I cannot guarantee that specific changes will occur as a result of our counseling together.

I ascribe and adhere to the Code of Ethics of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and to the American Counseling Association.

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