How to Achieve Internal Strength

Throughout our lifespan the aging process unfolds as a gradual deterioration of our bodily functions. The effects of aging include loss of muscle mass and strength, impaired immunity, reduced skin elasticity and decline in memory and other aspects of cognition. This aging process quietly manifests as a subtle and undetectable decline in our biological functions year-to-year, month to month and day to day. During our younger years this incremental degeneration is unrecognizable, but it inevitably shows up.

The most important factor in maintaining a healthy body is its blood supply. One of the most overlooked factors of aging is the gradual reduction of blood flow to our organs. Aging of blood vessels involves the gradual narrowing, deterioration and loss of blood vessels at the microscopic level. These are the capillary beds; the microvessels, the microvascular system, which is of crucial importance; since it provides the interface for delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of waste products at the cellular level. Every cell, every organ is totally dependent on the adequate and the life-sustaining perfusion of blood through our 60,000 miles of microvessels.

As our blood vessels age so do we. It is this steady reduction in microvessel function with aging that has profound life and death consequences for our overall health and brain function. Consider for a moment the importance of oxygen in maintaining life. At one end of the spectrum-high levels of oxygen can result in "top of your game" radiant health. At the other end of the spectrum with lack of oxygen, we get heart attacks, strokes or simply sputter out and gradually die. Think of this process as a continuum over your lifetime-this incremental progressive reduction in blood flow results in gradual subtle deterioration of bodily and mental function as our microvessels gradually shut down. The point is-we are only as old as our blood vessels and it is essential that we make it a priority to protect them.

Cardiac output-the amount of blood that leaves the heart and pumped through the body is known as the cardiac index, a measure of heart health. A recent study found that individuals with low cardiac index had significantly lower brain volume and brain aging. (Circulation 2010, June 4). Another study indicated that low cardiac index is associated with increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. (CirculationAHA, January 2016)

The message here is that in order to prevent, treat and slow the progression of aging and brain shrinking it is essential that we keep our heart pumping strongly, microvessels open and the blood flowing. Enhancing circulation is fundamental in maintaining a healthy body. So how do we do this?

External Enhanced Counterpulsation (EECP) has been available for over 30 years and its effectiveness has been documented in over 300 peer reviewed medical publications. Most cardiologists think it's only used for people when surgery doesn't work anymore. Up to now it hasn't been the right time for it to be used as a health enhancing wellness choice.

The widespread positive effects on EECP are extraordinary. EECP has been shown to strengthen the heart, open up blood vessels, create new blood vessels and prevent plaque buildup. In addition to improved blood flow to the brain, EECP reverses unsuspected heart disease and type 2 diabetes while it generally slows the aging process. EECP increases production of nitric oxide, lowers the level of oxidative byproducts, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the body, reduces stress and improves sleep. It stimulates the bone marrow to produce endothelial precursor cells, which are stem cells that regenerate the systemic and cerebral vascular system. You get all this plus the benefits of one hour of aerobic exercise with no risk of injury to your joints. And you don't need to increase your heart rate to get these benefits, in fact, the heart rate decreases and doesn't have to work as hard while doing EECP. Since EECP has so many positive effects we can use it to make ourselves stronger internally and less susceptible to disease of all kinds.

Our heart does an incredible job pumping blood throughout our body 24 hours a day. Eventually the pump gets older and gradually begins to fail. At the same time the microvessels deteriorate resulting in reduced blood flow and accumulation of toxic cellular waste. We gradually become weaker and more susceptible to a whole spectrum of diseases, which are, at least in part, due to insufficient blood flow. EECP reverses all these effects as it strengthens the heart and pumps blood back into the core of the body and opens the blood vessels.

Fundamental to maintaining good health is the heart and circulation. If you think you are already healthy, why not get healthier, better, stronger? Set your goals higher. Getting and staying healthy takes being proactive. EECP can offer tremendous benefit and help delay the onset of illness. EECP makes perfect sense, it is logical-"a no-brainer". Check it out, try it a few times. You will feel better and know that this would be good for you.